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robotic pool cleaners

Intelligence that delivers a better cleaning job using fewer resources & saving money

Robotic Pool Cleaners work intelligently and are independent of the pool filtration system. They do a better job as they have their own independent filtration system and they use intelligent programs to cover the whole pool area effectively.

The right pool cleaner will ensure you enjoy a sparkling-clean and inviting pool with low maintenance costs and minimum inconveniences




The QT Robotic cleaners are fully independent cleaners that relieves the load on skimmer, pump baskets and filter, reducing maintenance and saving water by reducing backwash. The NEW VIRON QT1050 combines ultra-efficiency with intelligence. VIRON QT1050 has Sensor Nav System™ technology, which identifies the configuration of each pool for personalized cleaning. In addition, the iAqualinkTM application allows the users to control the cleaner with an in app remote control to clean the problem areas manually and also allows for 7-Day programming. The new improved VIRON QT1050 now features dual stage filtration with a 150µ/60µ filter canister and transparent cover that picks up all small and large debris. The Elevate system makes retrieving the cleaner from the pool super easy once the cleaning cycle is complete. The cleaner comes with a 18m swivel cable that reduced tangling.


With its Sensor Nav System™, the EVOLUX iQ™ robotic range identifies the configuration of your pool to optimise the cleaning path and cleaning time. The patented cyclone suction guarantees extremely powerful and long-lasting suction. Thanks to the patented Lift System™, EVOLUX iQ™ is lighter when removing it from the water. Control your cleaner anywhere, anytime through the intuitive interface of the iAquaLink™ App. EVOLUX iQ™ is upgradable thanks to possible optimisations and automatic remote updates over the air. EX6050 iQ now feature dual stage filtration (150μ/60μ) to capture both small and large debris

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FreeriderTM iQ robotic cleaner is cordless and equipped with a high-power lithium-ion battery offering expert cleaning without intervention. Highly efficient, easy to handle and cable- free, it is remarkably agile and gets into the tightest of corners on all types of pool surfaces. The iAquaLinkTM application enables greater control and improved monitoring of the battery status.

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